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…it’s time to take a new approach. Time to take our own lives back from the intermediary ‘experts.’ Time to change the old, tired stories for new, living ones. Time to look at our world in a different way. Whether they’re about cooking, comic books, or Chinese goddesses—about fairy tales or poems of everyday life— our books do that. It’s reveling in our everyday life. Making a living, not a killing. Reorganizing our lives on a human scale. Dreaming how we want our lives and our world to be. We’re named for the classic film by Luis Buñuel. And like that film, we say, “Just open the door.”

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Our Latest Release:
VIXENS, VAMPS & VIPERS: Lost Villainesses of Golden Age Comics.


By Mike Madrid.

A rogue’s gallery of the most seductive and dastardly villainesses in Golden Age comics

“Mike Madrid is doing God’s work . . . mak[ing] accessible a lost, heady land of female adventure.” —ComicsAlliance

“These ‘lost’ [characters] are now found—to the delight of comic book lovers everywhere.”STAN LEE

“Lovers of comics and strong women everywhere thank you, Mike Madrid!”—TRINA ROBBINS, author of Pretty in Ink: Women Cartoonists 1896–2013

“Madrid continues a mission celebrating strong women of comics and rediscovering lost adventures. You can sense his love and knowledge of the genre in every chapter. He is the Professor of Comics Cool.” —ComicsBlend

“Portray[s] women who were wickedly smart, independent, diverse, outspoken, and had consciously chosen a life of evil. . . . Accompanied by Madrid’s well-researched commentary, this fascinating collection provides much food for thought.” —ForeWord Reviews

“This is mandatory reading for any fan of comics. It expertly explains the roles of women villains and how they lead the way for the femme fatales that fans love to cheer and boo today. I can’t imagine any scholarly collection of comics being complete without this book. Overall grade: A”—SciFiPulse.Net

“Mike Madrid may know more about women in comics than anyone else alive….Despite the lament of many a parent that comic books are a waste of time, Madrid demonstrates through a close reading, that some of the most basic issues of society are featured in graphic format….Look for Vixens, Vamps and Vipers and enjoy, if secretly, learning something profound about human nature.”— Sects and Violence in the Ancient World

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