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…it’s time to take a new approach. Time to take our own lives back from the intermediary ‘experts.’ Time to change the old, tired stories for new, living ones. Time to look at our world in a different way. Whether they’re about cooking, comic books, or Chinese goddesses—about fairy tales or poems of everyday life— our books do that. It’s reveling in our everyday life. Making a living, not a killing. Reorganizing our lives on a human scale. Dreaming how we want our lives and our world to be. We’re named for the classic film by Luis Buñuel. And like that film, we say, “Just open the door.”

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Our Latest Release:

Lizard_Princess_300By Tod Davies, with illustrations by Mike Madrid.

Third in The History of Arcadia series, in which Sophia the Wise recounts her days as the Lizard Princess.

“Complex and gripping. . . . Newcomers to Arcadia will be captivated by the rich history, while those familiar with it will find that Sophia’s legend grants them a new perspective on the earlier tales.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“This fantasy quest lends a hand toward making our contemporary world a little better.”—Foreword Reviews

“The impressive The Lizard Princess continues Tod Davies’ imaginative History of Arcadia series with her trademark brilliant storytelling.”—Largehearted Boy

“[The Lizard Princess] encourages big-picture thinking. . . . The combination of a straightforward quest complicated by hindsight, with magic, science, and meditations on the building of myths and the role of stories, makes for a book not like much else out there. . . . Gorgeously written and complex.” —New York Journal of Books

“A fantasy novel that includes a conflict between a world that admits of the supernatural and skeptics who deny anything beyond the material, it is a tale for our time. “—Sects and Violence in the Ancient World

“Look inside this world and find wonder.”—KATE BERNHEIMER, editor of My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me and Fairy Tale Review

“Innovative form and spellbinding content. . . . Stories, as Tod Davies’s History of Arcadia novels ultimately suggest, serve as civilization’s backbone, and it is therefore in stories too that we can discover the potential for fundamental change and a better society.” —Marvels & Tales

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