Dirk Quigby’s Guide to the Afterlife: All You Need to Know to Choose the Right Heaven.

by E. E. King

“Impish and delightful—a hilarious Zagat’s guide to Heaven.”—Ray Bradbury

“A fantastical, profound, hilarious and rollicking good ride through the heavens and hells of the afterlife! A wonderful book.”—Margaret Cho

“A mixture of fact and fiction, faith and mysticism at its best.”—New York Journal of Books




Hell is too full of lost souls. So the Devil hires ad man Dirk Quigby to pen a travel guide that will entice travelers to different heavens: Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Scientologist and more. But will Dirk write a book resulting in a Pulitzer Prize. . .or the Apocalypse?And how many stars does Dirk’s guide give to each afterlife, anyway—all thirty of them.

E. E. King has been a ballet dancer, actor, comic, teacher, artist, biologist, horticulturalist, mushroom hunter, free diver, art & science director, and wild animal rehabilitator. She has won various awards, but is far too modest to mention them here. She was raised in a household that doesn’t force religion on kids. This book is the result.

$15/ 238 pages
Trade Paperback Original ISBN: 978-1-935259-08-4 / eBook ISBN: 978-1-935259-11-4

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