Winter 2016: Story Animal.

Every dog will have its day.
Every dog will have its day.

SHAPESHIFTER, by Tim J. Myers.
Being true to the vocation of Story Animal is a dangerous and necessary thing
ANIMALS OF GOD IN ISLAM, by Brian Griffith
As are the stories we tell about animals, dangerous, necessary, and…beautiful…
O DRIVER, MY DRIVER, by K. Marvin Bruce.
As are the stories we tell about ourselves, the Human Animal…
I WAS AT YOUR FUNERAL, by Margaret Hultz and Marie Davies.
And the beautiful stories we can tell, even about the saddest things

THE GIANTS, by Holly Day.
Or the songs we can sing, as animals who have a story universe inside us…
NOW STRANGE ADVENTURE, by Robert Wyatt Dunn.
No matter how strange that story might turn out to be…

, by David D. Horowitz.
For stories are what make up our DNA

, by Marissa Bell Toffoli.
As stories from our questions, and maybe some of our answers too

BODHISATTVA DOG, by Robert Markland Smith
And enlightenment is just a story away

, by Debbie Naples.
By the way, in case you were wondering, more animal stories from the garden (like it or not)...

THE TOD BLOG agrees it’s not the right answer until you know the right question…and JAM TODAY knows the answer to the question: what is the best way to roast a chicken?

This issue’s picture contributed by the usually ironic MIKE MADRID…come to think of it, he’s unusually ironic too…

Next issue is 1 April, and it’s the Spring 2016: WHAT’S THE QUESTION, DAMN IT? issue…contributions by 1 March, please…

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