A Tale of Reincarnation.

by Simon Widdop.

Sunday 6th December

There was a Buddhist monk
a former monk
and he was handing out free cups of tea
to passers-by
as he did
he spoke of

great cosmic energies
letting go of material possessions

I stopped
took him up on his offer
we conversed on these things
then he caught me off-guard
asking me about my job

To which

I ashamedly admitted
I felt down
Because I work for a corporation

But he held me in this, soft serene stare
telling me

‘’It’s alright’’
‘’It’s alright’’
‘’It’s alright’’
‘’It’s alright’’
‘’It’s alright’’

With that
he sent me on my way
to continue my life journey

I saw him again on Tuesday

behind the desk at Santander
he offered me a credit card

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