I to Eye.

by Marissa Bell Toffoli.


Tell ‘em.


You can command attention

or commend it.


You can commandeer

a verb for destruction

of syntax, sin tax, scene tacks.


Put another red pin in

the landscape. Retrace

our steps? Replace our slips?

Less easy than it sounds.


Stilted. Fractured. Staccato.

Ways to talk about separation.

Instead, insulate against isolation.


Maps never fold up

as cleanly as they start out.


Let me try to say this another way.

Maybe we need to measure differently

before we talk about progress.


Those who can’t rest,

languish. Flip a coin.

Recovery and effort

both require dedication.


I don’t want to sit still anymore

if that’s how we ended up here.

Light ebbs. My voice is rusty.


You can’t trust language

until you can hold its gaze.


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