What Three is Like.

by Marissa Bell Toffoli.

–For Raphael


A braid unwinds,

turns into a hand.

I cannot reach the sky.


All your ideas fall apart.

I was in the dark.

I was thinking


what a beautiful day it was

that you’re going to find

the dawn for me.


When the doors were all closed,

my heart banged.

Where are our feelings?


I take apart the alphabet.

I want to cut letters all the time.

That’s the trouble,


my blue car is blue.

I dreamed of beauty.

The lawnmower dreamed


of floating in the water.

We’re all friends,

but we’re different textures.


The wind of the dawn

is a long way off.

The moon is coming home to us.


It’s so big it’s like a drum.

I’m teaching you

how to make an oubliette.


I’ll hold the roof

of your work

in my pocket.

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