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Fall 2012 Around Here at EAP.

Here we are, our first quarterly issue of EAP, and there is more stuff coming in over the virtual transom than ever. We love young readers and writers here at EAP. Well, we love old ones, too, and middle aged ones, and all of them in between. But it’s always a particular pleasure to watch the next generation of real book lovers. That’s why we were particularly pleased to get Kelsey Liu’s contribution of a bunch of her short stores. She’s a teenager, and you might be able to guess that from the subject matter, but you’d never be able to tell from the polished proficiency of the stories. No typos! No errors! Care and feeding gone into these stories!  We’ve started publishing the one we found the most charming in a charming bunch: The World Falls in Love. I sort of fell in love with that one, myself. Now we’ll see if she can keep her young nose to a very old grindstone; if she can, I predict good things for her, and for us who read her.

Meanwhile, what is it about Irvine, California, and short story writing? In one week, we heard from Kelsey, who lives there, and from Paul Rogov, who also lives and writes there.  There was something about Paul’s stuff that made me sit up and go ‘hhmmm.’ There was this ham sandwich in his story about Philo’s Magnet Motor, which particularly appealed, and not because I like ham sandwiches, either. But see what you think. As my Dear Husband said at breakfast, “Irvine? You say you got TWO contributions from Irvine? What the hell is going on down there?”

Hell if I know. But I kind of like it.

On the indie publishing front, we’ve had a busy summer, to say the least, with two books released in Fall 2012–David Budbill’s PARK SONGS, and my own second book in The History of Arcadia, LILY THE SILENT. Not to mention starting to get together our Spring 2013 book, GREENBEARD, by R. C. Bentley, and many thanks to Stephen Player, who did us a spectacular cover image in the time it takes to turn around and say, “Why do we not have a spectacular cover image?” Mike Madrid had called him just to get advice on finding an artist to help us out, and Stephen very generously offered his own time and art…which is rather lucky for us, considering he’s usually busy working on covers for Terry Pratchett books…and GREENBEARD should very much appeal to Terry Pratchett fans, among others. It certainly appeals to all of us!


(And by the way, congratulations to the GOOD READS and LIBRARY THING EARLY REVIEWER winners of copies or PARK SONGS, by David Budbill. The books went out today, hope you enjoy them as much as we do around here…)

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Our Website’s Brand New Look.

Here’s the new EAP website. When we got hacked last month, and our server shut our website down till we could fix matters, we realized the whole thing was was overdue for a rethink and an overhaul. This was the happy result.

There are other changes. Starting with the September MERMAIDS issue, the online magazine will move to being quarterly…so that will be our FALL 2012 issue, with the next one, WINTER 2012, up on December 1.

All the changes reflect the organic morphing of EAP’s original idea–an online magazine that publishes work of all levels as long as they are courteous and question a dominant cultural story–into the full steam ahead independent publishing house we’ve become. The new home page features EAP books and news about them, with links to other parts of the project, most notably what we now call EAP: The Magazine.

When we started the online magazine, back in 2005, my sneaky purpose was to create a space that would attract like minds–people who believed in human values over technological, imperial ones. People who believed in everyday life, and the necessity of building a culture on a foundation of kindness, courtesy, equity. I wanted to keep very quiet about my plan to grow an independent press that would celebrate those same values, since I didn’t want anything to interfere with people’s ability to just communicate directly.

By and large, that plan worked. We’ve been developing our books through relationships we’ve formed on the site. Our first book, Mike Madrid’s THE SUPERGIRLS, still our most popular on the list, was published in bits and pieces here, as Mike and we made a relationship, which ended (or began) in his taking over the design of the entirety of EAP, as well as developing his tremendous illustrations for the Arcadia books (watch for them in LILY THE SILENT, coming out in October of this year). We found Brian Griffith and have used the site to try out various ideas, resulting in his books CORRECTING JESUS, and  A GALAXY OF IMMORTAL WOMEN. (He’s working on a new one about how animal stories interact with culture, and I personally can’t wait for that one.)

3 DEAD PRINCES developed here, and E. E. King found us and sent us many bits and pieces before we published her DIRK QUIGBY’S GUIDE TO THE AFTERLIFE.

And of course, at the start one morning, I opened the computer and found the first three chapters of Richard James Bentley’s Pirates vs. Aliens saga, GREENBEARD. As I read, the hair stood up on the back of my arms. He’d been surfing the web at 3 am his time in England, found us, and sent off what he thought of as a failed story meant to amuse his niece at Christmas time. I immediately emailed back and said keep going, we’ll publish it all on the website. That was 2009, and now, with much anticipation and fanfare, we’ll publish the book in spring 2013. We really think Dick is a major new literary talent, and lest that sound too intimidating, let me say the book is a corker. You can’t put it down, and you can’t stop chortling as you read. Trust me on this one.

So all these changes reflect the good and exciting new places we’ve come to as a press. We’ve grown as an independent publisher, helped out by the wonderful work of the great team at Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, our magnificent sales reps, as well as the independent booksellers of like mind all across the country…and our treasured, intelligent, questioning readers.

Watch out for more changes in the future. But for now–whew!–changing this website is enough, as we charge into the fall season with David Budbill’s poem/play PARK SONGS, and the second book in the Arcadia series, LILY THE SILENT.

Welcome back.

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