EAP’s Existential Glass of 2018 is Half Full.

Here are EAP’s New Year’s resolutions:

1.) to be kinder to all
2.) to be more aware of what is happening, even when it is something that makes it difficult to be kind to a loved one or admired group and/or person. Or even to an unadmired group and/or etc.
3.) to support others in doing the same.
4.) to continue to understand that all art is meant to move humans to an understanding of who they are, why they are here, and what needs to be done.
5.) to be kinder to all. Did I mention that?

In the meantime, have a look at #59, by Chris Farago, a good example of a gentle tease of people being a bit less than they could be. I like that. And then Rice Rising, by Robert Ready—written with kindness for characters and readers. And Ronnie Pontiac’s Of Cracks in Walls—written with kindness and humor. Or Holly Day’s What Bugs Want…you know it’s not just one person looking at that one bug, don’t you? Or Marissa Bell Toffoli’s What Three is Like. I read that and thought, “This reminds me of falling asleep when I was a little girl.”

Or Brian Griffith’s The People’s Heroes of Romantic Liberty, from his upcoming book on Iranian women. You go, guy.

All of it. You know, guys, here’s my other New Year’s resolution. To be properly grateful to you all for digging and expressing and making the world a little clearer as a place.

Goddess knows we need that.

While I’m at it, let me mention Mike Madrid, EAP’s creative director, whose many talents I’m grateful for from the bottom of my heart. Thanks, Doc.

And thanks to all who helped make this year’s first Ashland Literary Arts Festival such a success. On to the next!

That about covers it for now.

Happy New Year, All.

And welcome back.

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