About Us.

The Press.

Exterminating Angel Press, founded by publisher and editor Tod Davies, is a publishing project that brings together books of diverse subject matter joined by a unity of theme, intention, layout, and design. It is neither a commercial nor an academic project, though it has elements of both. As a whole, it is meant to be both a useful and a transformative work of art, contributed to by minds concerned with diverse disciplines, yet sharing a common vision and philosophy.

Materials published by EAP will challenge the dominant cultural story, analyze it, and suggest other ways, other stories… whether imagined or real. The final result, after years of publishing, will be a shelf-full of these books, each one related to the other, written on a wide variety of subjects, but all offering, in one way or another, a challenge to today’s modus operandi

In short, we’re taking a practical look at what is and isn’t working on the planet. What will work? That’s what EAP wants to talk about. Our motto is “Creative Solutions for Practical Idealists.” EAP believes in solving problems, not just naming them… but if we can’t solve them today, we’ll just keep naming them untill we can.

If you have something courteous and clear to add to this process, we invite you to join the conversation in our bi-monthly online magazine (our alternative to the usual path to becoming published). The best and the most inquiring of the pieces will be worked on to eventually form books that will be published by Exterminating Angel Press.

The Magazine.

“A magazine is a nursery for genius.” – Thomas Paine

Exterminating Angel Press began in 2005 as an art project on the Internet with a call to anyone who was interested in analyzing and discussing issues of domination versus partnership, and/or how to achieve mutuality and equity, in any art form.

The magazine has grown over the last two and a half years, but we still like to think of it as a picnic rather than a formal invite-only dinner. For this reason, it will continue to operate with an open call to contributors of any creative kind who want to work on the issue of challenging the dominant cultural story. From that material, EAP will continue to draw the pieces to be worked on and expanded into well-researched, well-written, well-designed books. The Todblog will informally document the whole of the process.

You have to become the change you want in the world, and so do your projects. That’s the most creative position a practical idealist can take. And it’s the starting point for Exterminating Angel Press.

All artists retain their own copyright when contributing to our site. Pieces contributed will be edited lightly for glaring spelling and sense-making purposes if needed. Anyone can play. All levels welcome.

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