by Marie Davis and Margaret Hultz.

What I think you are saying when you say, “I want the world to be kinder” is that you want a kinda kinder world that holds the door for the next person, makes space for a car or two into traffic, smiles and says hello even if you are a stranger chatting on about delightful nothings. You mean a world that visits the elderly and collects them from homes, wheeling them around to citywide adventures. I get it. You want the world to understand their own history and the struggles that others have made — remembering that we all struggle through something.

What I think you’re saying is that you are looking for the kinda world that makes us less scared of others, more trusting in our neighbors, and focused on giving rather than always just getting.

I know. You want a world that delights in differences and oddities. Full of people, for example, that would barely look twice if a person chose to wear their toes on their head, or fingers in their ears. No, differences would spark a wave of compassion, thoughtfulness, acceptance, and even — doggone it — copy cats. Yes, a million-kazillion heads exuberantly flaunting wriggling toes while festive fingers cheerfully bid hello from unexpected places.

You are right for crying out loud! I completely understand, and I totally agree with you. If everyone wore their toes on their heads, for one thing we wouldn’t need so many shoes. But, that’s kinda the nugget of what you are saying —the world would be so much better with fewer shoes.


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