Get a Rake: Woodchucks Do Not “Chuck Wood”.

by Debbie Naples.

Marmota monax

On the contrary woodchucks eat gardens, they shear them down to the bone. Woodchucks have no competition unless it is you and you cannot compete. Woodchucks are fur and teeth and small brains. There is no challenge. They will always win. Do not waste time pondering what chewed your Helenium autumnale L. or common sneezeweed, to the ground. It was “Chuckie” and “Chuckie” is not sneezing…

Woodchucks do not diet; they are the fat men of the animal world. They eat all the tastiest tender things and then move on to the more fibrous fare. A Woodchuck would probably eat a fried clam…do not underestimate their appetites. Your family cat will not interfere either, Woodchucks are just too big. The barking dog occasionally will scare it away for awhile, but a Woodchuck is a giant rodent and rodents are some of the most determined and wily creatures born upon the earth. Dogs are not. Domestic animals are subjected to too much human mind control and have not the faintest idea how to approach a member of the wild. Domestic animals do not have a clue and it is useless to depend on them when it comes to a Woodchuck. Woodchucks are also family animals, they like to breed, a lot, and near your garden…If you see one Woodchuck, just wait you’ll probably see more, and woodchuck babies are adorable.

Don’t be fooled.

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